IT / Tech Support

It doesn't matter if you have one computer or 20 - you sometimes need some extra assistance, and the reassurance of knowing there's someone you can ask.

During his corporate incarnation, Jak designed and created systems supporting up to 40,000 users, we have the experience to provide a quality, knowledgeable service.

If you're looking to expand, implement a backup system, upgrade a creaky system, or just "sanity check" technical advice you've been given - we can advise and support you.

(Amongst Jak's previous roles was network admin and support for Derby's first Internet Cafe, web developer in London during the DotCom days, senior management at an ISP sharing responsibility with some marvelous people for the day to day running of ISP services and product development. The ISP ran between 12,500 to 25,000 active users, with a total registered userbase of over 40,000. No longer having to support this number of customers means Jak is much happier now, thank you for asking).

Enough of the CV, give us a call and see if we can help.