Slow sudo on Ubuntu

Excessive delay after typing sudo?

Looks as though the optional is hanging not only sudo but other auth processes (eg roundcube/dovecot/imap).

From here by erikdhansen (

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"Re: SSH Login takes long time (no DNS Problem)
So I was having this same problem and it wasn't the DNS issue that everyone points to. It ended up being a problem with PAM.

swapon failed: Input/output error

Often when I'm at a client's site and need a good, flexible linux toolkit, I use Linux Mint (11 currently) on a usb stick with a 4GB persistent file.

Mostly, the PC's I work on at Client sites have > 512MB. Occasionally I do encounter a PC with less memory and even though I use LXDE (lightweight desktop environment) I run out of memory pretty rapidly. (Web Browsers especially...)

A quick run of "free" shows 0 swap and confirms why applications are silently vanishing:

total used free shared buffers cached