Slow sudo on Ubuntu

Excessive delay after typing sudo?

Looks as though the optional is hanging not only sudo but other auth processes (eg roundcube/dovecot/imap).

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"Re: SSH Login takes long time (no DNS Problem)
So I was having this same problem and it wasn't the DNS issue that everyone points to. It ended up being a problem with PAM.

imap on *hostname* status: failed

We noticed this appearing in one of the mailserver logs. Not often, perhaps once a week.

imap failed @ *TIMESTAMP*. A restart was attempted automagically.

Service Check Method: [socket connect]

Reason: TCP Transaction Log:
>> A001 LOGIN __cpanel__service__auth__imap__*********
<< * BYE Temporary problem, please try again later

SSH dropped connections workaround (eg on Virgin Media) - write failed, broken pipe etc on Linux

A quick workaround for dropping connections and broken pipe errors.

very annoying as many X based terminal apps freeze up at this point.


ServerAliveInterval 120

to ssh_config

helps avoid this - even on the Virgin Media cable connection and the allegedly "super"hub.

(I've seen people recommend turning hub off and on and all sorts of chicken waving - including switching to Bridge Mode - which is a good idea in itself if you have a decent router/firewall you'd rather use but is the wrong answer to this particular issue imho...)

swapon failed: Input/output error

Often when I'm at a client's site and need a good, flexible linux toolkit, I use Linux Mint (11 currently) on a usb stick with a 4GB persistent file.

Mostly, the PC's I work on at Client sites have > 512MB. Occasionally I do encounter a PC with less memory and even though I use LXDE (lightweight desktop environment) I run out of memory pretty rapidly. (Web Browsers especially...)

A quick run of "free" shows 0 swap and confirms why applications are silently vanishing:

total used free shared buffers cached

Rauris Rentals

Chalet Rental Rauris in Austria

Website promoting self catering apartment in Rauris, Austria.

An existing client with us, the owners of the Chalet needed an emphasis on search engine visibility. As standard, we always endevour to ensure that website we produce are standards complient and accessible which has the bonus benefit of helping the search engines to read and index the websites.

We applied additional time to testing and monitoring the ranking of the site and, as plannedm were happy to see the front page of google showing several results from the site for a mixture of different keywords.

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Derby Light and Sounds

Audio and Lighting Hire and Installation

Online presence for Audio and Lighting Hire and Installation firm in Derby.

The site needed to be strike a balance between brevity/clarity and carrying sufficient information on the company services to encourage visitors to contact them.

The site is built as many of our client websites on Drupal, allowing the client to control the content of the site by means of a password controlled login.

The site also features a contact form which enables visitors to send email to Derby Light and Sound directly from the website.

Audio and Lighting Hire and Installation Derby Light and Sound
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Mech Electrics

Recruitment agency website for the Construction Industry

To produce a website targeted at employers and candidates for a Building Services Recruitment Agency.

Key features:

Searchable job listing
Simple categorisation of jobs
Easily updatable
Jobs can be added and edited simply
CV Upload
Apply/Send CV with ref for specific Job
Search Engine friendly

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